Chaz Ipson Recording is a 24 Track digital recording, mixing and mastering studio thirty minutes south of Pittsburgh in Washington Pennsylvania. I offer professional results with over 20 years of experience in both live and studio recording.


Live Recording Special.pdf

Tailgate PA System.pdf

Studio Gear:

Yamaha O2R Mixer (40 input)

Lexicon MPX1

T.C. Electronics Voice Works

T.C. Electronics Finalizer


Mackie HR624 Monitors



Studio Projects T3

Neuman KMS105

Oktava 319 (Modified)

CAD E200

CAD E100

2 Shure SM81s

6 Shure SM57s

Shure Beta 52A

Sennheiser e602



Peterson Strobe Tuner

General Music Pro 1 Digital Piano

Fender Telecaster

Fender P-Bass

Gretsch Tenor Banjo

Johnson Mandolin

Vox VT80 Modeling Amp

Plush EV-2 Vagrant Tube Amp


Live Sound:

Yamaha 206c 20 Channel Mixer

Fostex RD8 Hard Disk Recorder

Nexus 7 Tablet with Audio Tool

Alesis Multi-Effect

Roland 4 Channel 15 Band Eq

16 Channel snake (100)

8 Channel drum snake (30)

Behringer XM8500 (4)

DBX 120A Crossover

DBX 231 Stereo 32 band Eq

Alesis M-EQ-230 Stereo 32 band Eq

Alesis RA-100 monitor amp

BBE Direct Box

Rolls Quad Direct Box








Flat rate $20/Hour


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